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Shop’NCook Reader is the free edition of the Shop’NCook application. The name is not entirely correct for this free version because it doesn’t help shopping as it actually does it licensed counterpart. In Shop’NCook Reader what you basically will find is a virtual book of recipes that uses a special file type with the extension .scb. From the web site of the developer you can download several free cookbooks with recipes from all over the world. Just to name some of them, you’ll find the following:
- Halloween Party Recipes.
- Collected Through the years.
- Crock pot Recipes.
- Yummy Cake Recipes.
- Seafood.
- Etc.
The interface is very simple since it’s not much what it does. It consists in a single window with a top toolbar with a few buttons, and two sections below. On the left you will see the list of recipes included in the cookbook currently selected. On the right you will see the recipe selected on the list.
The cookbooks can include categories to classify the recipes. If they do, a drop down list will allow you to filter the recipes according to the categories. You can also use a Find text box on the toolbar to quickly find what you are looking for. If you prefer, you can print out the recipes to take it with you to the kitchen.
In order to add new cookbooks to the database you will need to go online and download the file you want. Then, from the Cookbooks menu you will be able to load the cookbook to the application. You can export to the clipboard the recipe content in order to use it later in other application.
The differences with the licensed version are quite a few, but the most important is the shopping assistance. You can use it to create the shopping list in accordance with the recipe and amount of servings you want to prepare.

Lionel Mira
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  • It's a free edition.
  • There are lots of free cookbooks available.
  • It's easy to use.


  • It doesn't have a direct link to the cookbook site.
  • You can't add your own recipes.
  • It's available in English only.
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